Why you need us

IT projects are likely to fail. Or at least waste money and time
17% of IT projects can go so bad it threatens the existence of the company

97.5% of projects did not complete 100% of their plan

In 2018 70% of the total $1.3tn spent on IT projects was wasted. It’s a staggering $900bn

About IT Project Whisperer

With over 30 years of experience in IT projects, we know what it takes to get things done. Because we’re small, we’re efficient. We’re problem-oriented and solution-oriented.
We deliver a project performance review and help to implement project specific solutions to fix the underlying issues.

Mildred N. Campbell

Mildred N. Campbell

Business Owner

"I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by ITProjectWhisperer. As an owner of a small-sized business, we were constantly struggling with costly project failures and missed opportunities. It seemed like every project we initiated came with a hefty price tag and a multitude of issues.

That's when we discovered ITProjectWhisperer. Their team of experts took our project management to the next level. They thoroughly assessed our ongoing projects, identified the root causes, and helped us implement strategic changes that made a world of difference. It was like having a seasoned IT project advisor right by our side."

Nils Hansson

Nils Hansson

IT Director

"Our company recently underwent a major IT overhaul, and we were left with a sense of uncertainty about its success. That's when we decided to engage with this exceptional service.

From the very beginning, the team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and the unique challenges we face. Their thorough analysis not only pinpointed real problems but also provided actionable insights on how to rectify them. Their recommendations were practical, realistic, and tailored to our specific needs."

Natalya Silva

Natalya Silva

Technical Lead

"The collaboration with the IT Project Whisperer service was seamless. Their team worked closely with us, ensuring that we understood the issues and were comfortable with the proposed solutions. Their open communication, coupled with their ability to explain complex technical matters in a straightforward way, made the entire process a breeze."


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